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GSatTrack How to Series: Live Mode

Scott shows us the basic interface for the Live Mode in GSatTrack.


GSatTrack How to Series: Map Tiles

Scott takes a minute to explain the different map view options from the map control panel.


GSatTrack How to Series: Map Layers

In this mega-episode (almost 5 minutes of action!) of the GSatTrack How to Series, Scott breaks down the use of the map layers available to the portal users, as well as the ways in which users can customize their layers to include specialized data, information, and visuals.


GSatTrack How to Series: Upload File

Scott demonstrates the way GSatTrack can ingest custom KML, Geofences, and Places by parsing an upload file.


GSatTrack How to Series: Get Route

Scott runs through the process of mapping an asset from its current location to any place on the map, including destinations between.


GSatTrack How to Series: Map Controls - Show My Location

GSatTrack has the ability to display the location of the active user's device in the portal. This can be done with GPS information collected from a mobile device, or with your IP address if accessing from a laptop or desktop computer.


Telematics Service Providers Accelerate to Revenue

GSatTrack is Deploy Ready Expand Existing Projects, Address Untapped Market Opportunities

GSatTrack is a cloud-based hardware-agnostic telematics system that supports nearly all satellite products in the SATCOM industry as well as many cellular devices, and dual mode (Sat/Cell) devices built on a multilingual...


GSatTrack How to Series: Map Controls - Zoom

Scott shows us how to zoom in and out on the map view from the control panel in the upper left corner.


GSatTrack How to Series: Map Controls - Reveal All

In this video, Scott continues to show us the map control panel features, which includes a button to reveal all assets visible in the portal.


GSatTrack How To Series: Map Control Panel

Scott takes a minute to demonstrate the map control panel feature of GSatTrack. This is a basic overview of the buttons and their functions.


GSatTrack for Adventurers

GSatTrack Follows Nereida Around the World Sailing Solo

Jeanne Socrates became the oldest woman to complete a nonstop, solo circumnavigation of the world in July of 2013, sailing her monohull Najad 380 from Victoria, BC some 25,000 nautical miles over the course of approximately 9 months, earning her a spot in the...


GSatTrack and Forestry Telematics

In the summer of 2000, fire destroyed millions of acres of forest across the United States. In response, M. Chad Bolding, a Graduate Research Assistant, and Associate Professor Dr. Bobby L. Lanford at the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences of Auburn University performed a study to investigate the feasibility...


Product Quick Look: GSatTrack

Better Vision: New GSatTrack UI

We released a new version of GSatTrack a little over a month ago, which included a number of changes to the user experience that were responses to our conversations with clients over the years. One of the most obvious changes was to the user interface, and to the menu structure for...


Dual-Mode Sat-GSM Tracking

Satellite-Cellular Tracking for Complete Coverage The best of both worlds!

Maintain real-time connectivity for your Fleet as routes go in and out of cellular range by implementing a dual-mode Cellular-Satellite solution. Fleet managers are increasingly applying dual-mode satellite-cellular solutions to manage...


Product Management and Growth in the Satellite Industry

Product Managing for Satellite

Coming to work for GSE two years ago is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Truly a unicorn in its industry, GSE has unlocked the secret to operating successfully in an industry that rewards stability and legacy systems while simultaneously investing in the tools, products,...


GSatTrack Supports Man Down Features for Lone Workers

These case studies often begin with statistical data that shows a clearly defined pain point in a certain industry GSE has helped in the past. In the case of lone worker and man-down instances, however, the need to show numbers or percentages to convince anyone that a triggered SOS button is important seems...


Feature Highlight: GSatTrack - Expansion of Map Layers - Tile and Web Map Service (WMS)

GSatTrack has supported overlaying custom data on top of our standard map for a while. As previously noted, GSatTrack supports KML, GeoJSON, GPX and Image Overlays to help customers enhance their map views and provide valuable at-a-glance context for locations assets may be occupying. We’ve now improved upon that...


Feature Highlight: GSatTrack - Group Alerts and Reports

Account holders with large amounts of assets often organize their assets into related segments. These segments can be based on any number of factors: geographical location, such as city- or region-based groups; device type, often the case for equipment maintenance; intended use; or more. In any case, GSatTrack...


Feature Highlight: GSatTrack - Asset Group Permissions

Managing large accounts with a multitude of assets can be a daunting task. Account holders often have several users who require access to related assets. For example, fleet managers or regional supervisors who have purview over assets within a specific region or section of a company. Assets may be somewhat...


GSatTrack and Globalstar save millions for river shipments

Nearly 36,000 tugboats, towboats and barges move an average of 763 million tons of cargo on US waterways each year. The greatest threat to continued delivery of these goods is flooding.

Tropical storms have been both stronger and more frequently occurring than in prior years. Storm surge from these disturbances...




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