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KB000886 - Do you have a complete command reference document for the interface with the GSatMicro?
KB000885 - How can I send binary data using the GSatMicro and what is the length limit?
KB000836 - Regarding the GSatMicro OEM: how do I re-configure the SPNet configuration or check that it is correct?
KB000829 - Regarding the GSatMicro: Please provide details on how to use the API to send the modem a message from a python or C# scripts.
KB000747 - Does the GSatMicro message format support PECOS?
KB000708 - What is the GSatMicro-DoD
KB000707 - Is the GSatMicro made in the USA?
KB000706 - Does the GSatMicro come with a battery charging and configuration cable?
KB000181 - Why aren't my commands working for an older/original GSatMicro?
KB000176 - How to decode the hex file on the GSatMicro to get the latitude and longitude?



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