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24-hour Alerts with GSatRancher

Some things can't wait. When you need to know right now, you need GSatRancher with GSatTrack. GSatTrack can filter the most important messages from your cows and send you a text any time of day. Work Smarter Let GSatTrack watch your GSatRancher data for you, and tell you what you want to know, when you want to know it...


GSatRancher for Faster Roundup

Save Time and Money. Make a Plan. Gathering the herd or finding specific animals has never been easy, but what if you knew where they were before you saddle up or start the truck? Real World Scenarios

How GSatRancher Tracking Saves Time and Money

Roundup. Gathering. Mustering. Whatever you call...


Loss Prevention with GSatRancher

Some Things Can't Wait. Theft and Disease can be Devastating. Recovering or preventing loss of stock requires round-the-clock awareness. Theft Deterrence

People are less likely to steal animals with GPS tracking devices attached to them.

More often than not, theft, and particularly theft of...


Land Usage Optimization with GSatRancher

Use Land More Efficiently Critical Insights from Movement History Knowing where they are tells you a lot. Knowing where they’ve been could tell you even more. Water Supply Management

Get Alerts for too much or too little water supply activity

Water supply related data is some of the most...




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